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Youths of Tra Vinh police carry out environmental protection activities

October, 25 2019
MPS - In response to the anti-plastic movement, the Youth Union of the Tra Vinh Provincial Police Department, in cooperation with the Youth Union of Tra Vinh city, recently organized an environmental protection campaign themed "Green Sunday” in Long Duc commune of Tra Vinh city.

The campaign was expected to raise the awareness and sense of responsibility of the Youth Union chapters’ members in protecting environment and promoting the civilized lifestyle and urban beauty.

Youth Union members distribute leaflets on environmental protection to local people.


The Youth Union cells of units under the Tra Vinh Provincial Police Department actively coordinated with local Youth Union cells and authorities to conduct many voluntary activities, including clearing off bushes on the roadsides, collecting plastic bottles and 5 tons of plastic waste in the area, maintaining urban beauty and workplace sanitation, repairing 200m of degraded roads, planting 350 trees and mobilizing households to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Youth Union members join in beautifying and cleaning the urban area.


Within the framework of the campaign, the local police also handed over 50 sets of anti-crime documents to local anti-crime orators and 1,100 leaflets on environmental protection, plastic waste reduction, food safety and hygiene, risks of contracting HIV/AIDS and other diseases to local people in An Phu Tan commune, Cau Ke district.

The “Green Sunday” campaign has contributed significantly to protecting the local environment, raising the local people’s awareness of environmental protection and upholding the sense of responsibility of young police officers in environmental protection.


by Tien Dung