Environmental Police Department seizes 207 kg of ivory in Hanoi

June, 27 2019
MPS - The Police Department for Environmental Crime on June 27 in coordination with the Municipal Police Department of Hanoi and caught a man transporting 4 white sacks, containing 16 milky and grey-brown pieces (109kg) of different sizes suspected of elephant ivory.

The exhibits seized.


The man named Pham Quyet (29, resident of Mai Dong ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi), was arrested for investigation as he was suspected of violating regulations on management and protection of wild animals (Article 244, the 2015 Penal Code, amended in 2017).

During the investigation, Quyet confessed to hiding 13 additional similar pieces (98 kg) and voluntarily surrender them to the police. Based on results of preliminary tests, the investigation agency determined the 29 seized pieces as elephant ivory.

Pham Quyet.


The Hai Ba Trung district Police Station of under the Hanoi Municipal Police Department has prosecuted the case, temporarily detained Quyet and sealed the exhibits to serve further investigation.

By Hoang Anh