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Minister To Lam reports results of crime prevention and law violation handling in 2019 to NA deputies

November, 04 2019
MPS - Under the authority of the Prime Minister, General To Lam, Member of the Politburo and Minister of Public Security, on November 4 delivered a report on crime prevention and control and handling of law violations in 2019 to the National Assembly’s deputies.

Regarding the major outcomes in this field, Minister To Lam said that the Government has firmly ensured national security, proactively foiled all plots and acts of sabotage of hostile and reactionary forces.

The rate of successfully investigated criminal cases reached 78%, 8% higher than the target assigned by the National Assembly. Of the figure, the rate of successful investigation of serious cases and extremely serious cases were respectively 91.32% and 96.02%. The total criminal cases dropped by 1.95% compared to the same period of 2018.

The investigation of corruption cases and the recovery of corrupted assets were speeded up and gained positive results. Meanwhile, cases of smuggling, trade fraud, as well as production and trading of counterfeit and prohibited goods were strictly handled, thus contributing to deterring law violations.

The fight against drug-related crimes gained remarkable results. Competent forces discovered and stamped out various transnational drug rings and seized over 06 tons of synthetic drugs. The police forces also detected and handled many cases of hi-tech crimes, especially online gambling and online football betting with VND billions.

Minister To Lam speaks at the National Assembly.


However, Minister To Lam also pointed out a number of shortcomings and limitations in preventing and fighting crimes and law violations. Furthermore, hostile and reactionary forces optimized cyberspace and social networks to increase sabotage and terrorist activities against the Party, State and people.

The Minister of Public Security also admitted that transnational drug trafficking rings tended to take Vietnam as a transit before transporting illicit drugs to a third country. This also contributed to increasing the number of drug addicts in Vietnam, causing great pressure on the society and triggering crimes and social evils. Crimes and law violations committed by foreigners in Vietnam tend to increase, Minister To Lam noted.

Delegates at the meeting.


Regarding the policies and solutions to prevent crimes and law violations in 2020, Minister To Lam stated the Government will focus on implementing nine key tasks and solutions. In particular, the Vietnamese police forces will attach great importance to implementing social and professional preventive measures to reduce crimes compared to 2019 while promoting the movement “All people protect the national security” across localities and improving the operational efficiency of semi-professional security forces, mass organizations and local security to resolve social conflicts and disputes and prevent crimes from grassroots levels.

Meanwhile, the police forces will launch more intensive campaigns to attack crimes while immediately solving emerging issues, improving the handling and settlement of denunciations and reports on crimes. Leaders of police agencies and units should regularly inspect police work to prevent wrongdoings inside the force.

Minister To Lam also said that the Vietnamese Government will expand international cooperation in crime prevention and handling of law violations as well as accelerate the signing of bilateral and multilateral judicial assistance agreements in the fields of criminal investigation, extradition of criminals and property recovery between Vietnam and countries around the world. The Ministry of Public Security will continue to strengthen the local-level police force.

by Cong Nghiep