Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi meets with voters in Bac Lieu province

November, 20 2020
MPS - Major General Le Tan Toi, Deputy Minister of Public Security and Member of the National Assembly's (NA) National Defense and Security Committee, along with other members of the NA delegation of Bac Lieu province met with voters in Hong Dan district and Phuoc Long district of Bac Lieu province on November 19 after the 10th NA session.

At the meeting, representatives of the NA delegation of Bac Lieu province informed voters of the results of the 10th NA session. During the session, the NA adopted seven laws and 13 resolutions while giving comments on four draft laws. In addition, the NA also discussed important issues related to socio-economic development and State budget allocation.

Bac Lieu province’s NA deputies listen to voters' opinions.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi also briefed the local voters on the security and social order situation of the country over the past time.

At the meeting, voters expressed their delight at the country's socio-economic development over the past time, and at the same time showed their consensus with policies and guidelines of the Party, the State which all aim at serving interests of the people.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi speaks at a voters’ meeting in Hong Dan district, Bac Lieu province.

For his part, Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi expressed his respect for the voters' good ideas, candid, objective, constructive opinions given to the NA deputies. He emphasized that the NA delegation of Bac Lieu province will take the ideas of the voters to make proposals on important issues of the country at the next NA sitting.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi speaks at the voters’ meeting in Phuoc Long district, Bac Lieu province.

The Deputy Minister also wished to receive more valuable ideas from local voters in the coming time.

by Cong Nghiep