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June, 01 2019

Ha Nam deploy efforts to ensure safety for the upcoming national exams

The Ha Nam Provincial Police Department on May 31 held a conference to deploy security and safety measures for the exams, which will soon take place in June.

May, 31 2019

MPS warns against new tricks of hackers

Specialized units under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) have promptly detected and stopped hi-tech criminals from occupying assets of various organizations, individuals and enterprises in Vietnam.

May, 31 2019

Kien Giang police call for close coordination with police forces of other localities

The Kien Giang Provincial Police Department on May 29 held a conference in Phu Quoc island district to roll out a plan to promote coordination among the criminal police units in provinces and cities on crime prevention and fight.

May, 31 2019

Police units review implementation of coordination regulations

The Hanoi Municipal Police Department and People’s Police College 1 on May 28 held a conference in Hanoi to review the 2-year implementation of the regulations of coordination between the 2 units.

May, 30 2019

Hoa Binh Police’s Working Group 140 shows efficiency

The number of traffic accidents triggered by drink driving and drug driving has seen a rise over the past years, causing great human and material losses as well as leading to public anger and anxiety.

May, 30 2019

Traffic police start to measure the satisfaction of people

In line with the master plan of the Ministry of Public Security to measure the satisfaction of people and organizations with administrative services provided by public security agencies and units in 2019, the Traffic Police Department on May 29 also launched a plan to measure the public satisfaction with the service of the Traffic Police Force in road vehicle registration and management.

May, 30 2019

Polices forces in North and North Center asked to brace for possible natural disasters

The Ministry of Public Security’s Office just issued a new dispatch requiring the Public Security Forces (PSF) to proactively respond to possible calamities in the upcoming days.

May, 29 2019

Hai Phong Municipal Police launch emulation movement

The Hai Phong Municipal Police Department has recently launched an emulation drive to mark 50 years of the implementation of Uncle Ho’s Will, 75th Traditional Day of the Public Security Forces and 15 years of the movement of “All people protecting national security”. Senior Colonel Le Ngoc Chau, Director of the Hai Phong Municipal Police Department, chaired the launching ceremony.

May, 28 2019

Long An branches and agencies join hands to support prisoners

Various organizations and agencies of Long An have been implementing various models and measures to further manage, educate and support ex-offenders so that they could reintegrate into the society.

May, 28 2019

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Son works with Long An Police

A delegation of the Ministry of Public Security led by Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Son, Deputy Minister of Public Security on May 27 afternoon visited and worked with the Long An Provincial Police.