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February, 15 2020

A man arrested with 12 heroin bars

Around February 14, 2020, the Drug Investigation Police Division under the Ninh Binh Provincial Police Department arrested Nguyen Van Thinh, residing in Thai Nguyen province, who is acused of trafficking illegally 12 bars of heroin, weighing nearly 4.2kg.

February, 15 2020

Second phase of the 8th Sport Festival “For Homeland Security" scheduled for August 2020

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Public Security (MPS), on February 14, 2020 chaired a meeting of the Organizing Committee of the 8th Sport Festival "For Homeland Security".

February, 15 2020

Son La police officer suffers serious injuries while chasing drug criminal

Captain Nguyen Trung Dung at the Van Ho District Police Station in the northern province of Son La was shot while searching a local subject’s living place for drugs on February 12.

February, 13 2020

Local police receive police recruits

Various local police agencies and police across the country held ceremonies on February 12 to received young men and women, who will do national service in the Public Security Forces for two years.

February, 13 2020

Quang Yen early completes the project to reinforce communal police force

Quang Yen town is one of the localities in Quang Ninh province that has early completed the project on posting full-time police officers to all local communes.

February, 12 2020

Vietnam enhances prevention and fight against drug-related foreign criminals

Drug-related crimes involved foreigners have now become more complicated in Vietnam. The recent cases of drug trafficking have showed that Vietnam is not only an illicit drug market but also a transit, from which illicit drugs are transported to third countries.

February, 12 2020

Ho Chi Minh traffic police do good job, ensuring traffic order and safety during Tet

During the Tet 2020, the Ho Chi Minh traffic police force took various measures to maintain safety and smooth traffic flow facilitating the travel of local people and visitors.

February, 12 2020

"Security Camera" model appears to be effective in Long An

After four years (2016-2019) multiplying the "Security Camera" model, Long An province has now had 53,522 cameras, of which 4,931 cameras are in public areas and 48,591 cameras at private homes and other premises.

February, 12 2020

Quang Nam police crackdown on online gambling ring worth over 40 billion VND

Recently, Quang Nam police have cracked down on a criminal ring, which runs illegal Internet-based football betting and lottery websites worth over 40 billion VND.

February, 11 2020

Thanh Hoa Police closely watch local 2019-nCoV situation

In order to proactively prevent the spread of acute respiratory infection caused by novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV), the Thanh Hoa Provincial Police Department has taken a number of preventive measures in recent times.