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Organizational structures of the People’s Public Security Forces

November, 27 2017

1. The official hierarchy:

a) The Ministry of Public Security

b) Public Security Departments of municipalities and provinces

c) Public Security Offices of rural districts, urban districts, cities and provincial capital cities

d) Public Security Posts of communes, wards and towns.

2. Communal police is a semi-professional armed force, playing an important role in the movement of “All people protecting national security.” It is responsible for ensuring security, social order and safety at the basiclevel, and operates under the overall and direct leadership of the local Party committees, the management of the People's Committee of the commune and the professional instruction of Police units of higher levels.

The organization, operation, equipment, uniform, trainingand policies for communal-level police are prescribed by the laws.

3. Based on the requirements of a specific security and order situation within the ambit of his responsibility and authority, the Minister of Public Security shall decide to establish police stations and independent police units, and deploy them to necessary areas.

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