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Ceremony marks 60 years of Vietnam’s sending public security experts to Laos

March, 23 2021
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security on March 22 held a ceremony to mark 60 years since it sent the first group of Vietnamese public security experts to Laos (March 22, 1961 - 2021) to back the nation in ensuring political security and social order and safety.

Speaking at the event, Lao Ambassador to Vietnam Sengphet Houngboungnuang highlighted the important contributions of Vietnamese public security experts working in Laos, saying that they contributed to building a strong public security force of Laos over the past 60 years.

Minister To Lam awards Certificates of Merit from the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security to Vietnamese public security experts in Laos with outstanding achievements.

Leaders of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security award Certificates of Merit to Vietnamese public security experts in Laos.

He affirmed the successful cooperation between the Vietnamese and Lao public security ministries has helped ensure political stability and social safety and order in his country, as well as created favorable conditions for socio-economic and cultural development in both nations.

Ambassador Sengphet Houngboungnuang speaks at the ceremony.

General To Lam addresses the event.

Minister of Public Security, General To Lam took the occasion to thank the Lao Government, State, and people for their support for and collaboration with Vietnamese public security experts, affirming that their effective support and collaboration helped Vietnamese public security experts in Laos overcome difficulties and successfully completed their missions for the sake of a peaceful and happy life of the two countries' people.

He also thanked the generations of public security experts for excellently fulfilling their assigned tasks and hoped they will continue making contributions to the two nations’ revolutionary causes.

Minister To Lam, Ambassador Sengphet Houngboungnuang and other delegates at the ceremony.

Minister Lam assured that the effective and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries’ public security ministries will be further expanded across all areas in the future, particularly in force building and support of equipment and tools for the ensuring national security and social order and safety in each country.

60 years ago, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism and following the call of President Ho Chi Minh “Supporting friends mean supporting oneself,” large number of Vietnamese volunteer troops and experts, including those from the Vietnamese People's Public Security Forces, came to Laos to stand side by side with the Lao people and armed forces in the fight against the enemy and development of the country.  Vietnamese volunteer public security experts assisted the Lao Public Security Forces maintain political security, social order, and safety in the country. The Vietnamese Public Security Forces also sent their experienced experts to help their Lao partners in building the security force, police force, technical services sector, and logistics bases.

In recognition of their great contributions, the Lao Government has presented many Vietnamese public security experts with various honorable medals and awards. In 2001, the mission of the Vietnamese public security officers working in Laos was awarded the First-class Independence Order by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

by Cong Nghiep