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Deputy Minister Luong Tam Quang attends Second Ministerial Conference on the Fight against Terrorist Financing

November, 07 2019
MPS - Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang, Deputy Minister of Public Security leading a high-ranking delegation of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, attended the Second Ministerial Conference on the Fight against Terrorist Financing organized by the Department of Home Affairs of Australia in Melbourne City from November 7-8.

Speaking at the first session "Emerging terror threats" of the conference, Deputy Minister Luong Tam Quang spoke highly of the organization of the conference under the theme "No Money for Terror" by the Department of Home Affairs of Australia.

Deputy Minister Luong Tam Quang emphasized that Vietnam considers counter-terrorism one of its important tasks to realize its international commitments as well as to maintain its political stability and sustainable economic development in the context of extensive international integration. Therefore, the Vietnamese Government has issued many legal documents on counter-terrorism while actively participating in the United Nations international agreements on anti-terrorism and the ASEAN Convention on Counter-Terrorism. The Vietnamese Government also signed many bilateral agreements with other countries on mutual legal assistance, extradition and cooperation in combating crimes and international terrorism. The Vietnamese authority has also established a National Steering Committee on counter-terrorism.

Deputy Minister Luong Tam Quang speaks at the conference.


Vietnam became a full member of the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering in 2007 and has made great efforts, taken effective preventive measures against money laundering, terrorist financing. This has demonstrated Vietnam’s strong commitments to the international community in the fight against terrorism.

In order to enhance the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in an efficient and effective manner, Vietnam wishes to further cooperation with law enforcement agencies of other countries in preventing and controlling terrorist financing sources and websites spreading terrorism. Vietnam also wants to expand coordination with other countries in immigration management and handling of immigration-related issues, ensuring security and safety for citizens of one country on the other's territory.

The Deputy Minister also affirmed that the Vietnamese side will further build, supplement and perfect bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms on counter-terrorism while regularly organizing international and regional forums to share information and exchange experience in fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, contributing to building capacity of the law enforcement agencies of Vietnam for fighting this kind of crime.


by Cong Nghiep