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Dien Bien Provincial Police, Police of Pu’er city of Yunnan agree to join effort to maintain order and security along the shared border

May, 25 2019
MPS - The Provincial Police Department of Vietnamese province Dien Bien and the Municipal Police Department of Pu’er city (Yunnan, China) have recently held a regular meeting to review outcomes of the implementation of the 8th Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the two sides, in Dien Bien Phu city.

Senior Colonel Vu Tien Dung, Vice Director of the Dien Bien Provincial Police Department led the participating Vietnamese delegation while Vice Director of the Pu’er Municipal Police Department Ma Shuliang headed the Chinese delegation.

An overview of the talk.


At the meeting, the two sides reviewed cooperation activities in the past time. The two sides have maintained regular information exchanges through meetings, hotlines, and shared with each other information about crimes and law violations, contributing to effectively preventing and fighting crimes, especially drug-related crime, counterfeit money, human trafficking, and catching wanted criminals in border areas of each country.

Functional forces also created favorable conditions for people of the two countries to do business in accordance with the agreements and regulations, contributing to socio-economic development of each side and strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between the two sides.

In the time to come, the two sides would focus on exchanging, verifying and handling information about security and order, especially drug trafficking, human trafficking, fake money while actively conducting law dissemination and education as well as mass mobilization in residential areas on both sides of the shared borderline with the aim of improving their awareness of observing the laws and customs and practices of each country.

Leaders of the two police departments sign the MoU.


The two police forces also agreed to collaborate closely in managing the borderline, preventing and resolving cases of illegal immigration, fighting against conspiracies and activities undermining national security of each country, contributing to maintaining security and order, stability on the two sides of the borderline as well as further strengthening friendship and cooperation between the police forces of Dien Bien and Pu’er.

At the end of the talk, leaders of the two police departments signed their 9th MoU.

by Duy Tien