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Vietnamese Public Security Forces preparing for joining UN peacekeeping operations

July, 01 2020
MPS - Senior Lieutenant General Bui Van Nam, Member of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Minister of Public Security, on June 30 chaired a meeting held by Ministry of Public Security to launch the project "Vietnamese People's Public Security Forces participate in the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations" (Project 05) and approve a working plan to implement the project in the period 2020-2025.

According to Deputy Minister Nam, the future participation of the Public Security Forces in UN peacekeeping operation will be part of the forces’ external affairs. In other words, it should be defined as an important task of the Public Security Forces in the current period, contributing to realizing the Party’s foreign policy for peace, cooperation and development as well as multilateralization and diversification in international relations.

Overview of the meeting.

Regarding the country’s international integration, recent resolutions of the Party also highlight that Vietnam is a friend, reliable partner and responsible member of the international community. Vietnam actively and proactively integrates in the international community, contributes positively to regional peace and security, prioritizes peaceful means for dispute and conflict, and seriously observes international law and the UN Charter. He affirmed the need to establish a special police task force to participate in UN operations in the time to come.

Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam speaks at the meeting.

Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam requested the Project Steering Committee to blueprint the selection of personnel with good health, firm political stance, high competence for foreign languages, and excellent professional expertise, meeting all standards for UN policemen at UN peacekeeping missions.

The Deputy Minister also asked concerned units to advise leaders of the Ministry of Public Security to determine working titles, and issue policies for officers and soldiers who join UN peacekeeping missions.

by Cong Nghiep