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Bac Lieu police maintains peace in Khmer ethnic minority villages

April, 06 2021
MPS - Over the past years, the police of Bac Lieu Province in cooperation with reputable persons of the Khmer ethnic minority have enhanced information dissemination and mobilized local residents to implement the policies and laws of Party and State, as well as participated in patriotic movements and anti-crime movements, contributing to ensuring social order and security and promoting local socio-economic development.

The local police coordinate with the dignitaries of local pagodas to support local people in building their homes and borrowing money to do business, and present gifts to Khmer households in need.

Bac Lieu is home to a large Khmer population. Over the past years, the Bac Lieu provincial police have focused on not only ensuring local public order and security, but also supporting local Khmer ethnic people with various projects, including funding for local road construction and providing technical skills and experience in farming.

Venerable Tang Sa Vong, Vice Chairman of the Bac Lieu Union of Buddhist Monks, stated that, over the past time, they have collaborated closely with the provincial police in mobilizing Khmer reputable persons to follow the policies and laws of Party and State as well as improved the material and spiritual lives of local Buddhists and people, contributing to ensuring public order and security in the locality.

The police of Bac Lieu Province present gifts from Major General Le Tan Toi, Deputy Minister of Public Security, to the Bac Lieu Union of Buddhist Monks.

On the occasion of Khmer festivals and Tet holidays, leaders of police units in Bac Lieu province always visit and present gifts to Khmer people. The local police also cooperate with local religious dignitaries and authorities to build “self-management” security models, participate in crime prevention and control, and settle conflicts among local households.

In the coming time, the police of Bac Lieu Province will coordinate with the local authorities to restore cultural identity and traditional industries and products to boost local tourism in the localities resided by Khmer people. They also help Khmer people improve their living standards and join the common effort to develop the locality and the country.

The Bac Lieu Provincial Police Department builds “self-management” security models to maintain peaceful life in Khmer villages.

by Moc Tra