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Da Nang Fire Police promotes fire safety for APEC Summit Week 2017

October, 06 2017
MPS - The Da Nang Fire Police sub-Department has increased its training activities on fire fighting and rescue at the facilities and sites to hold the APEC Summit Week 2017.


Photo for illustration. Source: Internet


The Fire Police of Da Nang has enhanced training on fire fighting and rescue in order to be ready for all fire and rescue eventualities during the upcoming APEC Summit Week 2017, in Da Nang in November.

Since the beginning of March 2017, the Da Nang Fire Police has actively organized and carried out 20 drills on fire fighting and rescue for the APEC Summit Week 2017 at any places, where the delegates will stay and the meetings will take place.The training drives have contributed to enhancing the local fire and rescue forces’ awareness of fire prevention and fighting, and improving the capacity of the forces in handling fire and explosion eventualities during the APEC Summit events and activities.

By Duy Tien