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Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi praises Hoa Binh police for their effort to reduce crimes

October, 10 2020
MPS - Major General Le Tan Toi, Deputy Minister of Public Security, led a delegation to work with the Hoa Binh Provincial Police Department on October 9.

Overview of the meeting.

At the meeting, representatives of the Hoa Binh Provincial Police Department briefed the deputy minister and delegates on the local police force’s working results over the past time, stating that the provincial police have synchronously implemented professional measures to maintain security, social order and safety. Therefore, all political events and critical infrastructural projects have been safely protected while security and order hotspots have been completely eradicated. Thanks to the great efforts of the local police forces, the rate of successfully investigated criminal cases has increased while the number of offences has dropped.

In addition, the “All people protect national security” movement has been promoted, contributing to security and social order in the locality. Telecommunication and cypher services have been maintained, information technology application has been boosted, security guarding has been conducted properly, and foreign affairs have been promoted.

Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi speaks at the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi acknowledged and praised the achievements of the Hoa Binh Provincial Police Department over the past time.

The deputy minister asked the Hoa Binh police to continue promoting the fight against crimes especially drug-related crimes while maintaining social order and safety. 

He also suggested that the leaders should always pay attention to carrying out policies for local police officers, building capacity training and properly posting officers working in the sectors of telecommunications, cipher, information technology, security guarding and foreign affairs.

Additionally, the Hoa Binh police should speed up the implementation of the projects on national database on the population and citizen’s e-ID card.

* On the same day, Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi and the delegation visited the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant.

Pictures of Deputy Minister Le Tan Toi and the delegation featuring their visit to Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant:


by Minh Ngan