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GDLT celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Trade Union's establishment

October, 14 2017
MPS - The General Department of Logistics and Techniques (GDLT) organized a meeting on October 12th to celebrate its 20th founding anniversary of its Trade Union organization, and to receive a certificate of merit from the Prime Minister.



Lieutenant General Le Van Minh, Chief of the General Department of Logistics and Techniques attended the meeting.

Under the guidance of the Party Committee of GDLT, over the past 20 years, its Trade Union organization has well performed its main mission of protecting legitimate rights and interests of laborers as well as encouraging its members to effectively implement the Party's policies, the State's laws and the Public Security's regulations.




The Trade Union organization also launched many patriotic emulation movements and successfully carried out the campaigns "Studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morals and style"; "Six Teachings of Uncle Ho to the Public Security Forces"; and "Building cultural lifestyle within the forces".

Additionally, the Trade Union organization also held cultural, artistic and sport activities as well as training courses on trade union's affairs such as caring for its needy members’ lives, organizing charitable activities and building a strong trade union.

Thanks to those practical activities, the Trade Union organization of GDLT has really become a fulcrum for its officers and members. Currently, there are 17 Trade Union cells with over 7,200 members under the Trade Union organization of GDLT. 

During the 20 years of building and development, the State President awarded several noble medals to the Trade Union organization of GDLT for its great achievements. The organization also received certificates of merit from the Ministry of Public Security, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and the Ministry of Wounded Soldiers, Labors and Social Affairs.

On this occasion, the Trade Union organization of GDLT and its members with outstanding contributions received the Prime Minister's certificates of merit. 

By Linh Bui