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Ho Chi Minh traffic police do good job, ensuring traffic order and safety during Tet

February, 12 2020
MPS - During the Tet 2020, the Ho Chi Minh traffic police force took various measures to maintain safety and smooth traffic flow facilitating the travel of local people and visitors.

Given the high traffic density before and after the Tet, the local traffic police deployed working teams to main roads, bus stations, railway stations and gateways to airports to regulate the traffic flow and quickly deal with congestions.

The Ho Chi Minh traffic police check drivers’ blood alcohol concentration.


Over the past 45 days, the local traffic police have seriously implemented the intensive campaign and ensured traffic order and safety in the city. Thanks to their efforts and effective approaches, the number of road traffic accidents reduced 28 cases, while the numbers of deaths and injuries in traffic accidents reduced 30 and six respectively, in comparison to the previous year. There were no railway and inland waterway traffic accidents.

During the campaign, the Ho Chi Minh traffic police force also promoted patrols and checks on traffic routes. They detected and handled 56,230 traffic violations, seized 6,700 violated vehicles, revoked 6,031 driving licenses, and fined VND 31 billion.

The Ho Chi Minh traffic police officers offer free facemasks.


Under Decree No. 100/2019/ND-CP, the local traffic police force handled 1,747 drink-driving cases with total fines of more than 10 VND billion, 1,747 vehicles seized, and 1,381 driving licenses revoked.
While checking vehicles on roads, local traffic police officers also provided 17,000 free water bottles and 5,500 free facemasks for drivers and passengers amid the acute respiratory infection caused by COVID-19. Currently, all units under the Ho Chi Minh Road and Railway Traffic Police Division offered free medical facemasks to all people passing by.


by Duc Huy