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Minister of Public Security requests public security forces to strengthen COVID-19 prevention and control

March, 26 2020
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MPS - General To Lam, Politburo Member and Minister of Public Security, on March 24 issued Official Dispatch No. 01 to request public security units and agencies to urgently take drastic preventive measures against COVID-19.

Accordingly, police units and local agencies should take the following preventive measures:

1. The grassroots-level police should inspect all households to make lists of foreigners and Vietnamese nationals residing in their localities who came from other countries to Vietnam from March 7 - 24. All the lists should be sent to the Ministry of Public Security by 6 p.m., March 25.

2. Public security agencies and units should actively coordinate with authorities at all levels to closely monitor crowded places while recommending people to stay at home instead of gathering in public places to prevent the spread of COVID-19 into the community.

3. Public security agencies and units should actively coordinate with functional forces to ensure absolute safety and security at centralized quarantine zones while providing sufficient medical supplies and equipment for public security officers and soldiers who perform their duties at high exposure places or directly participate in epidemic prevention and control, helping them minimize risks of the virus infection.

4. Public security agencies and units should organize three teams to work on the rotation basis at places with high risk of infection to avoid the possibility of all officers being quarantined. They should also arrange a task-force team with medical workers to check up health of all citizens and officers coming to police offices.

5. The Department of Health under the Ministry of Public Security should urgently set up quarantine zones and field hospitals ready to serve the People's Public Security Forces and the people on request.

6. The concerned professional units and police forces in border areas should closely coordinate with the Border Guard Force and local functional forces in managing the borderlines and take strict control of people and vehicles travelling across the borders in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

7. The police forces should pay due attention to detecting and promptly handling the persons spreading false and fake information about the disease, causing public anxiety as well as those who do not comply with regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control. The police forces should also fight and strictly handle the crimes of property theft, social order disturbances, smuggling and production of fake medical stuffs.

All public security agencies and units nationwide should attach great importance to implementing the above key tasks in line with the Prime Minister's motto "Fighting COVID-19 as fighting enemy”. The leadership of the Ministry of Public Security and leaders of all public security agencies and units should direct their forces to fulfill the assigned tasks.


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