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Minister To Lam answers NA deputies’ questions

November, 08 2019
MPS - General To Lam, Minister of Public Security, answered various questions from deputies at the 14th National Assembly’s ongoing eighth session.

Regarding cyber security, Minister To Lam highlighted that cyber security is a big challenge for all countries, including Vietnam. It has also been high on the agenda at UN-led and regional forums. In fact, no country can alone resolve this issue. This prompts countries to promote collaboration and connection to tackle cyber security threats, Minister Lam emphasized.

The Minister of Public Security also pointed out that Vietnam has been facing so many challenges related to cyber security that some say Vietnam is countering a cyber-war.

Minister To Lam speaks at the event.


Cyber-crime aims not only to spread fake, false information, but also to undermine the national solidarity, create socio-political crises, and even intervene in results of elections of several counties, Minister Lam reported. The MPS of Vietnam also pays attention to newly emerging activities on cyberspace, including issues of digital commerce, origins of goods, counterfeits, trade fraud and tax evasion.

Regarding NA deputies’ queries about the national population data center, Minister To Lam informed that the center is running well and meeting all working requirements. The national data system facilitates management work of governmental agencies and local authorities as well as provides good services for businesses, organizations and the people, Minister To Lam said. He also highlighted the importance of protecting the state secret as a national resource.

Additionally, Minister To Lam noted various efforts of relevant forces in protecting and managing the national data system.

by Duy Tien