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MPS launches tree-planting program

February, 23 2021
MPS - General To Lam, Politburo’s Member and Minister of Public Security, attended a ceremony on February 22 at the People's Public Security Academy of Politics to launch a tree-planting campaign themed “Planting trees in commemoration of Uncle Ho”.

At the ceremony, Minister To Lam urged all public security officers and soldiers to participate in tree planting and afforestation. Heads of the public security agencies and local police units should organize tree-planting and afforestation drives in the localities where they are stationed, the Minister asked. 

Minister To Lam speaks at the tree-planting ceremony.

Minister To Lam plants trees on campus of People's Public Security Academy of Politics.

According to him, trees should be planted in public security educational institutions, hospitals, detention centers and office areas to protect the environment and beautify the landscapes.

Overview of the event.

Minister To Lam and other delegates at the tree-planting ceremony held by the Hanoi police.

The police forces should also strengthen the fight against environmental crimes as well as prevent illegal logging, forest burning and forest overexploitation. Leaders of all public agencies and units should instruct their subordinates to step up environmental protection, climate change response, pollution control, and environmental improvement by planting trees and restoring forests. Good and effective models and practices in tree-planting drives should be popularized and honored, the Public Security Minister affirmed.

After the ceremony, Minister To Lam and other leaders of the MPS also attended a tree-planting drive held by the Hanoi police in Tien Duoc commune (Soc Son district).

* Some photos of the event:

On November 28, 1959, President Ho Chi Minh had an article on the People's Newspaper titled “New Year Tree-planting Festival”, analyzing the great significance and practical benefits of planting trees and afforestation to the country and the citizens.

In response to the call of President Ho Chi Minh, the Prime Minister issued Directive No. 45 on organizing the "New Year Tree-planting Festival" program in the 2021-2025 period with the aim of planting 1 billion trees across Vietnam. 

Following the Prime Minister's Directive, the MPS leadership drew up Plan No. 45 on February 5 to launch a tree-planting program in the entire Public Security Forces.


by Cong Nghiep