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MPS team ranks first at National Female Sports Festival 2019

June, 21 2019
MPS - The National Female Sports Festival 2019 was held in Bac Ninh on June 20 and 21 by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union in collaboration with the Provincial People’s Committee of Bac Ninh.

This year’s festival drew some 400 participants, including 300 female athletes from 42 provinces, centrally-run cities and branches in Vietnam. The athletes competed in various events, namely volleyball, badminton, aerobic and folk-dance. 8 members of the Ministry of Public Security’s (MPS) team competed in 2 events: badminton and folk-dance. 

Organizers present the first prize in folk-dance and second prize in badminton to the team of the MPS.


The oldest athlete to participate in this festival aged 70 while the youngest is 17. 

The festival aimed to encourage women to play sports that suit them, contributing to improving their physical fitness, following President Ho Chi Minh’s example. This year’s festival was also to celebrate the Vietnam’s Health Day and the Vietnamese Family Day (June 28).

At the closing ceremony of the festival, the team of the MPS won first place in folk-dance, and second place in badminton. With its records, the MPS team was placed first in the festival.


By Minh An