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National Assembly Standing Committee meeting on the People's Public Security Law (revised)

May, 16 2018
MPS - The Standing Committee of the National Assembly held the 24th session to give comments on the proposed Law on People’s Public Security (PPS), on May 16.

The meeting saw Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, member of the Politburo, Chairwoman of the National Assembly; Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, member of the Politburo, Minister of Public Security and Head of the Drafting Committee for the amendment to the PPS Law; Vice-Chairmen of the National Assembly and members of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly.

Overview of the meeting.

Under the authorization of the Prime Minister, Minister To Lam presented the Government's report on the draft revised PPS Law at the meeting. He underscored the need to promulgate the revised PPS Law so as to complete the legal basis on the functions, tasks and authorities of the People's Public Security Forces in the state management of security and social order, as well as crime prevention and fight against crimes and other law violations. 

This law aims to fix the overlaps in functions, tasks, geographical areas, management of potential law offenders, and also serves as a basis for restructuring of the Public Security Forces in a suitable, synchronous, streamlined, and effective manner in line with the Ministry of Public Security’s principle: "Streamlined ministry, strong provincial police, comprehensive district police and grassroots-attached communal police."

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan speaks at the meeting.

With the aim of revising the current PPS Law in a comprehensive manner, the draft revised PPS consists of 7 chapters and 48 articles. Compared with the 2014 PPS Law, this draft has added on 4 more new articles, had 31 articles amended or supplemented, and removed one article. Its provisions aim to clarify the functions and missions of the People’s Public Security Forces, the structure of the People’s Public Security Forces, as well as to build a professional communal police force, and determine the position, functions and tasks of each police level.

Evaluating the draft revised PPS Law, Senior Lieutenant General Vo Trong Viet, Member of the Party Central Committee, Member of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, Chairman of the National Assembly's National Defense and Security Committee stated that the Standing Committee of the National Assembly basically agreed on the need to promulgate the draft revised PPS Law. According to him, it has met the procedural requirements articulated in the Law on the Promulgation of Legal Documents, as well as has had sufficient conditions to be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration and approval.

Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Minister of Public Security reads the Government's Report on the draft Law on People’s Public Security (revised).

Speaking at the meeting, National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan emphasized that the draft revised PPS Law is appropriate and necessary for the real situation and folowing Resolution No. 22 of the Politburo. She asked the Drafting Board to further review it on the basic of opinions of the National Assembly Standing Committee; and to report to the Government the issues raised during the meeting. The National Assembly's Standing Committee for Defense and Security shall coordinate with the Drafting Board and other relevant ministries and agencies to further review and revise the current draft in accordance with the opinions, and submit the final draft to the National Assembly at its next sitting.

By Giang Anh