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People and police of Phu Quoc join firefighting and rescue drill

November, 27 2019
MPS - The People’s Committee of the Phu Quoc island District recently held a firefighting and rescue drill for local armed forces and people.

The drill drew the participation of 32 teams from local armed forces units, the civil guard force of local communes and towns, and local agencies, schools and companies.

The participating teams competed in two categories. In the fire extinguishing and human rescuing category, participating individuals should finish a 100-meter run, put out fire and rescue victims while teams had to run 400 meters before fighting fire and rescuing victims in the relay team category.

The sport festival aimed at improving firefighting tactics and rescue skills for firefighting and rescue forces at the grassroots level in Phu Quoc District.

The event also aimed at raising the public awareness of fire prevention, contributing to protecting the lives, health and property of local people. 

Several photos of the event:

by Thu Hung