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People’s Police Higher School 6 celebrates 10th founding anniversary

March, 05 2018
MPS - People’s Police Higher School 6 under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held a ceremony on March 4 to celebrate 10 years of its establishment (March 4, 2008

The event was attended by Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thanh, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Public Security.

In the last 10 years, over 20,000 students have trained and graduated from the higher school. These include 11,535 students of regular training programs and 3,620 in-service ones.

Both quantity and quality of teachers and educational management officers of the higher school have been improved in the past few years. Particularly, the school now has 2 professors, 9 PhD degree holders, 19 doing post-graduate programs and 166 MA degree holders.

The school has also attached great importance to the management as well as training and education of its students. As a result, the number of students at good and excellent grades has continuously increased in recent years (from 23.5% in the 2009-2010 academic year to 52.3% in the 2016-201 academic year). The higher school was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister, 5 “Excellent Units in Emulation” Flags and a Certificate of Merit by the MPS.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh recognized and appreciated the achievements gained by the school in the past 10 years. He also emphasized that People’s Police Higher School 6 has trained well-trained police officers over the past years, which has contributed to ensuring national security and social order.

The deputy minister also asked the school to continue to renovate the contents of academic programs and methods of training, to meet the requirements of practical police operations; perfect its textbooks and training materials; focus on the application of information technology and consider it a breakthrough to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Additionally, the school should pay attention to improving both qualifications and lives of its educational staff; invest in young teachers; and implement policies to raise the quality of scientific research.

On this occasion, as authorized by the Prime Minister, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Thanh awarded a Certificate of Merit to People’s Police Higher School 6.

By Trung Hieu