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Phu Quoc Police handles 140 cases of illegal mining

March, 22 2019
MPS - Although relevant local agencies strictly punished unlicensed and illegal mining in Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, the situation still remained complex, negatively affecting the natural resources as well as security and order in the locality.

The District Police Station of Phu Quoc has handled over 140 cases of unlicensed and illegal mining since the beginning of 2019, seizing 150 vehicles and machinery pieces, and collecting some 500 million Dongs of fines.

It was found that the island district has been in very high demand for sand used for leveling construction site and making building material.

Phu Quoc Police officers check a trunk on the duty.


Meanwhile, the current levels of fine and punishment for illegal mining of sand and natural resources articulated in the laws are not really deterrent, according to Colonel Tran Van Dung, Vice Head of Phu Quoc Police Station.

The District Police Station of Phu Quoc on October 2018 established working teams to suppress the unlicensed and illegal mining activities in the area. The working teams in coordination with local authorities and relevant forces regularly conduct patrols, and have detected and handled hundred cases of unlicensed and illegal mining.

Thanks to various drastic approaches taken by the district police, illegal mining activities have now been declining. 

by Duy Tien