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Police forces in Central Highlands mobilize people to surrender illegally-stored weapons

May, 21 2020
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MPS - Over the past few years, the police forces of Central Highlands provinces have continuously mobilized local people to surrender their illegally stored weapons, explosives and supporting tools and made changes in the public awareness of the observance of the laws.

Tuy Duc district (Dak Nong province) is home to many ethnic minority groups, especially the Mong people who have migrated from the North. The illegal production, storage and use of rifles to hunt wildlife were popular in the local communities of ethnic minorities, which resulted in security problems and even injuries and deaths.

In fact, it takes one or two days for an ethnic minority mechanic to make a hunting gun so people can have other home-made guns right after their old guns have been seized by the authorities, said Major Nguyen Huu Tuan, Head of the Quang Tan Communal Police Post, Tuy Duc district.

That local people own and use homemade guns and supporting tools in the locality have made the local security and order situation more complicated, and wildlife in the Central Highlands gradually extinct, Major Tuan added.

The police mobilize local people to surrender their illegally stored weapons, explosives and supporting tools


Against this backdrop, the local policemen with the support of local reputable people came to every home to mobilize local people to surrender their illegally stored weapons and raise their awareness of the laws.

After 20 days of persistent mobilization, the Police Post of Quang Tan recovered 20 homemade guns, including 10 ones voluntarily given up by local people.

A similar situation was seen in the border district of Ea Sup, Dak Lak. People migrating from the Northern provinces live separately in the forests and often have homemade guns for hunting animals, said Major Nguyen Trong Nghia, Vice Head of the Ea Sup Police Station.

In fact, accidents related to illegal use of homemade guns happened and left deaths and injuries in the locality, Nghia highlighted.

In recent times, the Police Station of Ea Sup coordinated with the local media to disseminate the harms of unauthorized storage and use of weapons, supporting tools and explosives. Party members, local reputable people also played an important role in mobilizing local people to give up their weapons to the authorities.

During the weapon recovery campaign from March 25 to May 10, the Police Station of Ea Sup collected 16 homemade guns and a good deal of ammunition, 0.5 kg of explosives.

by Hai Van