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Staff work contributes significantly to Public Security Forces’ achievements in 2018

February, 03 2019
MPS - In 2018, the Office of Ministry of Public Security has made breakthroughs in advising the Central Party Committee of Public Security and leaders of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) to direct the whole Public Security Forces to well implement the key tasks.

Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang, Director of the MPS's Office said that, in 2018, the international, regional and national situations with complicated developments and arising factors directly impacted various aspects of the work, including the staff work, of the Public Security Forces.

However, under the leadership and direction of the Central Party Committee of Public Security, leaders of the MPS, and the Party Committee and chains-of-command of all public security agencies and units, the advisory force made great efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges, and successfully fulfilled its assigned tasks, contributing significantly to the general achievements of the whole Public Security Forces as well as to maintaining political stability and creating a safe and healthy environment for national socio-economic development and foreign affairs.

One of the most remarkable achievements was that the MPS Office actively gave recommendations to the Central Party Committee of Public Security on the elaboration of Project No.106 to further renew and streamline the public security forces’ apparatus for more efficiency and effectiveness.

Furthermore, it advised the Politburo of the 12th term to issue Resolution No.22-NQ/TW on March 15th 2018 to further renew and streamline the Ministry of Public Security’s apparatus for more efficiency and effectiveness, advised the Government to issue Decree No.1/2018/ND-CP on August 6th 2018 defining the functions, tasks, authority and organizational structure of the MPS, and organized a conference to implement Decree No.1 of the Government for the whole forces.

The office also advised the Government and the National Assembly on the amendment, supplement and drafting of legal documents on security, order and building of the Public Security Forces and advised the Minister of Public Security on issuing a number of Circulars regulating various aspects of the work of the Public Security Forces.

The public security advisory force  also made great contributions to drawing up and implementing plans to ensure absolute security and safety of major public premises and important political events of the country, and safely protect leaders of the Party, the State, as well as international delegations visiting Vietnam.

In 2018, the staff work bodies from the ministerial level to the local proactively applied scientific advancements and technical applications into their work. They also completed the regulations and the procedures for receiving and processing information.

The leaders of the advisory bodies at all levels well performed their function of the spokesperson of their units, providing updated and accurate information to press agencies and people about events, operations and results of task performances of their units and the Public Security Forces as a whole as well as guidelines, policies and decisions of leaders at all levels.

The online portal of the MPS and the website of the local police units continued to serve as an important source of information for the press and media, contributing to orientating the public opinion.

Regarding the force building work, the organizational structure of the public security advisory force continued to be strengthened while a large number of staff officers at all levels were sent to training courses to improve professional expertise and knowledge.

In 2019, the public security advisory force determined to successfully fulfill all assigned tasks and better meet the requirements of tasks in 2019 and the following years.

by An Nhien