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Tay Ninh police promote role models of fighting crimes in border areas

April, 05 2021
MPS - The police of Tan Bien border district have taken many innovative and effective measures to prevent and fight crimes along the borderline over the past time.

Tan Bien district shares a borderline of 92.5km with Cambodia. The district has three border communes, two international border gates, one national border gate, and one auxiliary border gate, so it is considered a key position regarding national security and social order.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbroke in the country in March 2020, the district police in coordination with the communal police, military units, and the health sector set up 28 anti-pandemic checkpoints along the borderline.

An anti-pandemic checkpoint in Tan Binh border commune.

All policemen of the border communes of Tan Lap, Tan Binh, and Hiep Hoa were mobilized to conduct patrols in the areas and popularize the COVID-19 prevention regulations to all local households.

So far, the district police have established 16 patrol teams with 124 members, including policemen and local residents. Besides, 117 self-managed residential groups with 7,338 participants have been set up while 13 models of “All people report crimes to the police” have been promoted in the residential areas in parallel with three other self-managed models in local rubber plantations and national parks.

Additionally, the Tan Bien district police have actively coordinated with the police of local townships, communes to successfully launch many effective security model groups. These groups regularly provide the police with information related to security situation in the localities. Successful security groups include the model “Khmer people protect local security", the model "All people report crimes and join the police to arrest criminals", and the model "Using social networks to disseminate crime prevention information".

Thanks to the creative and effective security protection models initiated by the Tan Bien district police, the local security situation has been maintained, contributing to reducing the rate of crime in the province.

by Ha Trang