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Three police officers were killed while performing duty in Dong Tam

January, 13 2020
MPS - A number of rioters, armed with grenades, petrol bombs and other rudimental weapons, on January 9 attacked on-duty officials and workers at the construction site in Dong Tam commune, My Duc District of Hanoi.

At the construction site, some units of the Ministry of National Defense and competent forces are building protective walls around Mieu Mon airport as planned.

Three police officers and one rioter died during clashes while another rioter was injured.

The deceased police officers are:

- Senior Colonel Nguyen Huy Thinh, born in 1972, Deputy Head of the Hanoi Mobile Police Regiment of the Mobile Police High Command;

Senior Colonel Nguyen Huy Thinh.


- Senior Lieutenant Duong Duc Hoang Quan, born in 1992, an officer of the Hanoi Mobile Police Regiment;

Senior Lieutenant Duong Duc Hoang Quan.


- Captain Pham Cong Huy, born in 1993, a firefighter of the Hanoi Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Police Sub-department.

Captain Pham Cong Huy.


In recognition of the police officers’ courage and sacrifices for the Fatherland’s security and the people’s peace, the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam signed a decision to posthumously award the First-class Feat of Arms Orders to them. The Prime Minister also posthumously awarded the Certificates of National Merit to the deceased officers while and the Minister of Public Security posthumously promoted ranks of the police officers.

The Public Security Central Party Committee and the Ministry of Public Security will solemnly organize the funerals for the three martyrs on the morning of January 16, 2019.

*Earlier, General To Lam, Politburo Member and Minister of Public Security, has visited and extended his deep condolences to the families of the three police officers.

Minister To Lam recognized the sacrifice of the three police officers for peace of the people.

Minister To Lam visits families of the police officers.


He said the Party, State and the Ministry of Public Security will care for the three’s families.


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