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Two suspects arrested and one heroin bar and more than 32,000 tablets of meths seized in a drug case

February, 17 2020
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MPS - The Son La Municipal Police Sub-Department on February 15, cooperated with the Drug-related Crime Division under the Son La Provincial Police Department arrested two persons suspected of trafficking a large number of drugs.

The two arrested suspects were Lo Van Soan (1978) and Lo Thi To (1989), both residing in Tua Chua District, Dien Bien Province, and seized more than 32,000 tablets of synthetic drugs, one bar of heroin, and other exhibits.

Suspects and exhibits.

At the police station, the two subjects admitted that they bought the above drugs in Dien Bien Province, then transported to Son La Province for trading and finally were arrested in To Hieu Ward, Son La City by the functional forces. 

This is the case with the largest number of drugs ever discovered by the Son La Municipal Police Department.

In order to continue the fight against drug-related crimes in the coming time, the Son La Municipal Police Department has enhanced patrols, and closely coordinated with relevant agencies to promote investigation and handling of drug-related crimes. On the other hand, it will proactively grasped the drug crime situation and remove hotspots of drug trafficking and abuse in the locality.

by Quang Trung