Vietnam responses to International Day Against Drug Abuse

June, 24 2022
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in coordination with the Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee held a public meeting in Hanoi on June 23 in response to the Anti-Drugs Month, International Day Against Drug Abuse and National Day Against Drug Abuse (June 26).
The meeting, which was chaired by Chairman of the National Committee on AIDS, Drugs, Prostitute Control and Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, drew the participation of Deputy Director of the Governmental Steering Board on Crime Control and Deputy Minister of Public Security Lieutenant General Nguyen Duy Ngoc, leaders of ministries and Hanoi, as well as international delegates, including UN Resident Coordinator in Vietnam Shin Umezu, representatives of law enforcement and counter-narcotics re-offices from Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
Addressing the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc stressed that drug tracking and drug abuse are a big concern of the entire society as they badly affect the political system, culture, society, economy as well as public order and security.
Deputy Minister Nguyen Duy Ngoc addresses the meeting.

Drug abuse is also considered an origin of crime. It threatens peaceful life and happiness of people, destroy the health and personality of addicts, undermine national good traditions and social moral values.
Over the past years, the drug trafficking situation in the region, particularly in the Golden Triangle, has become more and more complicated, which has led to an increase in drug trafficking and drug abuse in border areas and large cities of Vietnam. Drug traffickers frequently change their tricks and methods with the use of high technologies and social networks.
Against this backdrop, the deputy minister urged to raise public aware of the harms of drug abuse, saying that the Party, State, Government and National Assembly as well as Party committees and authorities at all levels, functional forces, including police, and people are joining efforts to drive back drug abuse and resolutely fight drug trafficking. The fight against drug abuse and drug trafficking has achieved positive results in recent years.
Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam speaks at the meeting.

The deputy minister asked steering board on counter-narcotics at all levels as well as functional forces to focus on taking preventive measures to reduce the number of drug addicts and drug-related crimes while strongly attacking drug-trafficking rings, particularly transnational ones. 

Speaking at the meeting, UN Resident Coordinator Shin Umezu affirmed that the UN is always committed to taking care of and supporting drug addicts and seeking ways to reduce the number of people depending on drugs for the sake of public health. According to him, all governments, organizations and individuals can contribute to the process.
Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister praised the endless effort and great sacrifice of counter-narcotics forces, especially counter-narcotics police, as well as workers who take care and treat drug addicts in the country. He urged the entire political system and people to join effort to fight drug trafficking and drug abuse.
At the meeting, representatives of sectors, branches, organizations showed their strong commitment to control drug trafficking and rule out drug abuse from social life. After the meeting, delegates and local people joined a parade, displaying their support for the Anti-Drug Month and International Day against Drug Abuse.  
By Nguyen Hoang