Vietnamese police resolve to prevent child sexual abuse

March, 20 2019
MPS - The Department of Criminal Police under the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, in coordination with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vietnam, on March 20 held a conference in Hue city to announce a decision of the Ministry of Public Security on guidelines on professional prevention, verification and handling of reports and denunciations, as well as on proposing prosecution for sexual abuse of people under 16 years old.

Senior Colonel Ho Sy Niem, Deputy Director of the Department of Criminal Police delivers opening remarks at the conference.


Speaking at the conference, Senior Colonel Ho Sy Niem, Deputy Director of the Criminal Police Department, emphasized that the guidelines aim to raise police officers’ awareness and sense of responsibility for fighting sexual crimes in general and child sexual abuse in particular, as well as help improve their professional knowledge and skills in preventing and combating this kind of crime, contributing to successfully implementing the project on preventing and fighting against child abuse, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence and human trafficking initiated by the Ministry of Public Security.

According to the Department of Criminal Police, as many as 1,547 child abuse cases with 1,669 subjects involved were discovered in 2018, down by 2.8% compared to 2017 of the figure, 1,269 cases were of child sexual abuse with 1,233 subjects involved (accounting for 82% of the total cases).

Overview of the conference.


Despite the decrease in domestic violence, intentional injury and child abuse, a number of cases happening recently were seen as serious, causing public anxiety and anger. This was because some localities did not pay due attention to preventing and combating child sexual abuse, and authorities and organizations of localities, particularly remote and mountainous ones, failed to popularize legal knowledge and information about child abuse to local people.

Lieutenant Colonel Khong Ngoc Oanh, Head of the Child Abuse Prevention Squad of Division 5 under the Department of Criminal Police, said that they met various difficulties in investigating child abuse cases and sometimes had to suspend the investigation because the cases had happened a long time before so it was hard to find evidence or witnesses. Furthermore, for various social and cultural reasons, the victims and their families might not want to cooperate with the investigators and said nothing about the cases.

Delegates at the conference.


On the schedule, the Ministry of Public Security will coordinate with the UNODC to open an intensive training course to build professional capacity for police officers responsible for child abuse, in an effort to improve the efficiency of detecting and investigating child abuse cases,  better protect the rights and interests of children and prevent child abuse crimes.

by Tran Nghiep