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Yen Bai Police warn people against illegal exit of country

June, 09 2019
MPS - In recent years, despite information dissemination and warnings given by functional forces, many people in Yen Bai province have still illegally exited the country to work as hired laborers in other countries.

It is worth mentioning that most of the illegally-immigrated laborers have no protection from the host country; as a result, many of them have paid high price while some even have lost their lives.

Police officers visit a household to grasp the situation and mobilize people not to illegally exit the country.


According to statistics, since the beginning of 2018, the authorities have discovered over 230 cases of illegal exit, involving 330 people, and 100 people have been arrested and returned to Vietnam. Reportedly, a number of people have been imprisoned for violating the laws of the host country, and some have lost their lives.

Most of the illegal migrants from remote areas have little knowledge of legal regulations on exit and entry. It is necessary to find a solution to the illegal exit, particularly of ethnic minority people living in remote areas.

Due to little knowledge of the laws, many people exit the country illegally for work.


Colonel Hoang Manh Hung, Vice Head of the External Security Office under the Yen Bai Provincial Police Department, said that in addition to promoting information dissemination to raise the people’s awareness of regulations on exit and entry as well as risks of illegal exit to work in other countries, the police force in districts, cities and towns of Yen Bai should well manage the population and promote the movement  “All people protecting national security,” and mobilize people to report acts of exit to the police.

Working to earn money is a very legitimate need of every citizen, especially those in remote areas, where people still face various difficulties in life. However, illegal entry and exit are acts violating the laws, and negatively affect security and order in the locality. Therefore, every citizen should thoroughly understand the laws and should not enter or exit the country illegally to avoid the consequences.

by Pham Hung