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Beautiful images of policemen highlighted in natural disaster

October, 30 2020
MPS - In recent ferocious floods in the Central region, many officers and soldiers of the People's Public Security Forces were seen to risk their lives to save flood victims.

As reported, the Quang Binh provincial police successfully rescued 18 people stuck on a coach swept away by flood in the Khe Gat spillway, Quang Binh province on the morning of October 19.

A police soldier takes off his uniform to cover a 2-year-old baby, one of the 18 victims of a traffic accident in Bo Trach, Quang Binh province.

Colonel Le Van Hoa, Head of the Ba Don Town Police Station (Quang Binh) takes a baby with a broken arm from the flooded area to the hospital.

Quang Binh policemen use small boats to enter the submerged areas and evacuate people to safer places.

To reach people stuck in some flooded areas that did not allow boats and canoes to access to, the local police had an idea of making rafts from banana stems to evacuate people and their assets to safe places.

Police soldiers carry assets and pull banana stem rafts with people on it out of flooded area.

A policeman rows a raft to take bedridden 90-year-old woman to a safer place.

After the floods, police soldiers and officers again joined local people in overcoming the aftermath of the natural disasters, helping them soon stabilize their lives.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Tien Nam, Director of the Quang Binh Provincial Police Department, delivers food to people in flooded areas of Quang Ninh district.

After the flooding, police soldiers help people overcome the aftermath.

The police of Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province, promptly evacuate people from the flooded areas.

Although the very local policemen and their families were also victims of the floods, they did not think of themselves but wholeheartedly supported other people. Their gestures have contributed to beautifying the image of public security officers and soldiers in the heart of the people.

Quang Binh policemen save a baby from the flood.

The police of Quang Binh province evacuate people to safer places.

by Moc Tra