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Ha Giang police support people during natural disaster

July, 22 2020
MPS - Heavy rainfall lasting two days of July 20 and 21 caused flooding in various places in Ha Giang city, Ha Giang province. Against this backdrop, local police were mobilized to support people in response to the calamity.

On July 20 when showers occurred in the locality, leaders of the Ha Giang Provincial Police Department promptly directed all local police units to deploy their forces to join local people in dealing with possible flooding and landslide as well as to maintain local security and order in the city.

Watching the development of the weather, the local police in coordination with functional forces checked the households living in on the banks of rivers and streams, and places with high risk of flash flood, landslide in order to draw up plans to evacuate people to safe places.

Reportedly, the local firefighting and rescue police unit saved a person from a landslide.

Currently, the local traffic police, firefighting and rescue police and mobile police are quickly evacuating people and their property to safe places while ensuring smooth traffic in critical areas.

Ha Giang police evacuate people and their assets to safe places.

by An Nhien