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Hai Phong Police actively support disadvantaged people

October, 07 2018
MPS - Young officers of the Hai Phong Criminal Police Office coordinated with teachers, students of the Criminal Sciences Faculty of the People’s Police Academy to visit and present gifts to students in the flood-hit district of Cam Thuy, Thanh Hoa on October 6 and 7.

Upon their visit to Cam Son Primary School and Cam Phong Secondary School, the charitable team presented scholarships to 32 poor students with high academic records and special gifts to the two schools.

Members of the charitable team also joined hands with the schools in cleaning up the campuses and clearing the drains.

The charitable team presents gifts to students in Na Khau.

Additionally, they also presented 1 million VND to each of the 5 families with dead members; visited and offered 5 million VND to Lieutenant Pham Van Tuan, an officer of the Cam Thuy District Police, who had been severely injured when he had been trying to save people during the floods.

All the cost of the program was from young police officers of the Hai Phong Criminal Police Office as well as from the funds of the Criminal Police Office of Hai Phong and the Criminal Sciences Faculty.

Additionally, officers of the Environmental Police Office of Hai Phong and other donors also donated 150 million in support of the building of a cultural house for people in Na Thau village, Dong Phuc commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. Na Thau is home to 50 households with a large majority of the Tay people, living on the mountains and facing various difficulties in life.

The construction of the cultural house in Na Thau, serving as a communal venue and holding cultural activities, is expected to complete in 2 months’ time. 

By Nguyen Hoang