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Hoa Binh police provide students with traffic laws and safety regulations

September, 15 2020
MPS - The Hoa Binh Traffic Police Office on September 14 held a training program on traffic laws and traffic safety regulations for 800 students and teachers at Ly Tu Trong Secondary School.

The policemen provided the students with useful information about road traffic laws, traffic safety regulations and skills. In particular, the police explained the students about traffic signs as well as specific cases that may cause traffic accidents.

Overview of the program.

During the program, the police also distributed 150 leaflets with information about traffic order and safety and presented 20 gifts to the students who had correct answers to the police’s questions about traffic situations.

Such a traffic information program helps raise school students’ awareness of observing traffic order and safety, as well as boost relations between the traffic police and people.

by Thien Minh