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Hundreds of officers and soldiers of Department of Finance and Planning voluntarily donate blood

April, 05 2021
MPS - In response to the 75th founding anniversary of the People's Public Security Financial Force (17/4/1946 – 17/4/2021) and “All People Voluntarily Donate Blood” Day (April 7), the Department of Finance and Planning (DFP) under the Ministry of Public Security in cooperation with the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion and relevant units launched a Voluntary Blood Donation Drive on April 2.

Lieutenant General Trinh Ngoc Bao Duy delivers a speech at the event.

Addressing at the event, Lieutenant. General Trinh Ngoc Bao Duy, Director General of the DFP emphasized that voluntary blood donation is a meaningful activity, demonstrating the spirit of mutual love, compassion, and benevolence tradition of the Vietnamese people. 

He also suggested that all officers and soldiers of the unit should raise their sense of responsibility for donating blood to save people. Such an activity also beautifies the image of the People’s Public Security Forces of Vietnam.

Over 200 officers and soldiers of the DFP participated in the Voluntary Blood Donation Drive.

by Anh Tuan