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Phu Yen police help local people overcome aftermath of floods and storms

November, 14 2020
MPS - The Phu Yen provincial police on November 13 mobilized its force to help local people in Song Cau town, Dong Xuan district and Tuy An district to clean the local living environment after the recent storms and floods.

According to Senior Colonel Tran Trong Hien, Deputy Director of the Phu Yen Provincial Police Department, as soon as the floodwaters receded, the provincial police mobilized three teams with 90 policemen to coordinate with the local police and military forces to help local people overcome the flooding consequences.

Policemen join hands with local people and other forces in cleaning the schoolyard, classrooms, and students' desks and chairs at the Xuan Phu Primary School in Song Cau town.

The police load waste on trucks to transport to the landfill for treatment.

Policemen clear fallen trees on roads in La Hai mountain town, Dong Xuan district.

In Dong Xuan district, the policemen joined hands with local people in dredging sludge in 10 sewers, clearing off more than 25 tons of waste along internal roads and cleaning up kindergartens and schools in Xuan Son Bac. They also helped needy families to carry household goods from the evacuation places back to their houses.

Policemen dredge local drains and canals.

The police clear debris of landslides on two sections of the road in Xuan Lam commune, Song Cau town.

The police collect garbage on the bank of Tam Giang river, Xuan Phu ward, Song Cau town.

In Song Cau town, after helping the Xuan Phu Primary School clean up its classrooms, 65 officers and soldiers from the Phu Yen provincial police, the Song Cau town police, and the Song Cau fire and rescue police squad cleared off debris and fallen trees blocking two sections of the road blocked in Xuan Lam commune.

by Thien Huong