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Quang Nam policewomen present gifts to needy people

November, 28 2020
MPS - The Women's Union chapter of the Quang Nam police, in collaboration with Hoa Huong Co., Ltd. and the Nam Dinh province-based charity organization “Huong Thanh Nam”, visited and presented gifts to needy people in the communes of Tra Leng, Tra Van and Tra Vinh, Nam Tra My district on November 26.

Particularly, the delegation offered 300 packages of gifts, each including 500,000 VND in cash and necessities, to households seriously affected by the recent natural disasters. Additionally, the Quang Nam police’s Women's Union chapter gave blankets and warm clothes to needy locals.

The gifts cost VND 200 million in total from the "Piggy Bank" fund donated by Quang Nam policewomen and other benefactors.

The delegation gives gifts to local people.

Earlier on November 25, the Party and Political Work Office under the Quang Nam Provincial Police Department visited and gave gifts to victims of natural disasters in Tra Tan commune, Bac Tra My district and Binh Sa commune, Thang Binh district.

Blankets and warm clothes given to needy people.

The delegation presented 100 packages of rice, instant noodles, cooking oil and other necessities (worth VND 400,000 each) to poor families and those severely damaged by the storms and landslides.

On this occasion, the delegation visited and presented gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Khoanh (residing in Que Thuan commune, Que Son district) and families of two local police officers who suffered severe losses caused by the natural disasters.

Charitable delegates present gifts to victims of the natural disasters.

Members of the Youth Union chapter and Women’s Union chapter of the Party and Political Work Office donated and called benefactors to donate nearly VND 50 million in total for these social activities.

The activities showed the sympathy of Quang Nam police officers and soldiers for the natural disaster victims, helping them soon stabilize their lives.

by Moc Tra