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The People’s Police College No.2 offers gifts to policy beneficiaries and poor students

January, 17 2019
MPS - The People’s Police College No.2, on January 17, collaborated with the Binh Phuoc Provincial Police Department and the Bu Dang District Police Station to organize a charity program in Dang Hoa Commune, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc Province.


The charitable team offers gifts and cash to the Dang Ha Primary School.

During the program, police officers and students offered gifts, worth VND30 million in total, to needy policy beneficiary families, and 150 books, 800 notebooks and VND20 million to poor students in the locality.

The charitable team presents gifts to needy people.

The practical and meaningful program conducted by the People’s Police College 2 and local police units featured, the Vietnamese good tradition: "The leaves protect tattered ones", contributing to promoting the solidarity and relationship between the police and people. It also helped uphold the image of the police in general, and the People’s Police College No.2 in particular.

By Tien Dung