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Tieu Can police continue to run “Saturday of Compassion” program

March, 10 2020
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MPS - Over the past two years of implementing a volunteer program themed "Saturday of Compassion", the policewomen of the Tieu Can District Police Station under the Tra Vinh Provincial Police Department have spent weekend going to remote places to help elderly people and people with disabilities have their identity card issued.

Tieu Can District police help local people complete procedures for identity card issuance.


After two years, the policewomen in Tieu Can District issued and renewed identity cards for around 2,500 elderly and disadvantaged people. Such working tours also provided an opportunity for officers to learn aspirations and difficulties of the people in the locality so as to better serve local people and strengthen the relationship between the police force and the people.

The "Saturday of Compassion" program is aimed at not only elderly and disadvantaged people but also bad teenagers. During the program, female police officers give them good advice and tuitions, turning them into good teenagers in the community and good students at schools. Over the past nearly two years, 12 secondary school students have been supported by female police officers.

These meaningful activities of the policewomen in Tieu Can District have set good examples of the Vietnamese women and contributed to beautifying the image of the local police.

by Cong Tuan