Police officer donates blood to save critical patient’s life

March, 23 2024
MPS - Being informed that there was a critically ill person in urgent need of type O blood, Captain Dau Xuan Khoa from the Hung Hoa Communal Police Post, Vinh City, rushed to the hospital to donate blood to the patient, saving him from the life-or-death situation.

At 11:00 a.m. on March 21, 2024, patient Hoang Lam (63 years old, residing in Dien Thinh commune, Dien Chau district), who was being treated at General Hospital 115, Vinh city, was in critical condition and needed an urgent transfusion of blood of type O. 

In the circumstance, the "Living Blood Bank" club of the Nghe An Provincial Police Department called on all members to quickly donate blood to the patient.


Captain Dau Xuan Khoa donates blood to save patient from critical condition.

Captain Dau Xuan Khoa, an officer from the Hung Hoa Communal Police Post, quickly arrived at the Provincial Hematology - Blood Transfusion Center to donate one unit of blood for doctors could transmit blood and rescue the patient.

Thanks to the timely blood transmission, the patient is now recovering. 

The patient's family was very touched and expressed their sincere thanks to Captain Dau Xuan Khoa.

Captain Dau Xuan Khoa's good deed has beautified the image of the Nghe An provincial police force.

By Duy Thanh