Project 06 Working Group discusses tasks in January 2023

January, 18 2023
MPS - Head of the Working Group on the Implementation of Project 06 and Minister of Public Security General To Lam chaired the meeting of the Working Group to discuss its tasks regarding Project 06/CP in January 2023, on January 17, 2023, in Hanoi.
Overview of the meeting.

Project 06 is a project launched by the Government on applying population, electronic identification and electronic authentication data to national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030.
At the meeting, Minister To Lam asked the members of the Working Group to discuss specific tasks to implement Project 06 in 2023 and propose solutions to carry out the key and urgent tasks in January 2023, in accordance with the schedule.
At the meeting, delegates focused on solutions to implement Project 06 in the coming time, such as correcting tax and financial data of enterprises; integrating residential data and tax codes, connecting students’ personal data and their insurance data, updating and cleaning citizens’ medical data. 
In addition, delegates also proposed solutions to validate citizens’ insurance data on the National Population Database to increase the use of electronic health records.
Minister To Lam concludes the meeting.

Concluding the meeting, Minister To Lam praised the effort in implementing Project 06 of the Working Group in 2022. 

Regarding its major tasks in the coming time, Minister To Lam suggested that ministries, branches and members of the group carefully evaluate the cutdown of administrative procedures and the provision of online public services. 
They should also draw up a plan to train cadres, civil servants and public employees in receiving and handling administrative procedures after the elimination of the household registration book.
By An Son