General To Lam attends International Conference on Security in Russia

May, 25 2023
MPS - The 11th International Conference of senior leaders in charge of security opened in Moscow, Russia, on May 24, 2023.

Minister of Public Security General To Lam, leading a high-ranking Vietnamese delegation, attended the conference, which saw nearly 100 delegations from countries, territories and international organizations.
Speaking at the conference, General To Lam affirmed that the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam highly appreciated the significance of the conference and wished to learn valuable experience from international friends and partners in safeguarding national security.
General To Lam attends the 11th International Conference of Senior Leaders in Charge of Security.

He also affirmed that Vietnam is always willing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and international organizations to jointly increase resources and capacity to protect national security and boosting sustainable socio-economic development, contributing to maintaining stability and peace of the world, the region and other countries.
General To Lam suggested strengthening cooperation and trust among nations, maintaining a peaceful environment, preventing wars, and promoting development. 
Each country needs to behave responsibly, adhere to its own commitments to the international community, abide by international law, the UN Charter, respect each other's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, respect the institutions and political system of each country chosen and supported by the people, striving for the international community, and actively holding dialogue for mutual understanding, contributing to settling differences, conflicts between countries.
General To Lam with delegates attending the conference.

On the sidelines of the conference, General To Lam had separate meetings with heads of delegations from Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, China, Belarus.
* Earlier, on May 23, General To Lam attended and made a keynote speech at the third ASEAN and Russia consultation of senior leaders in charge of security. 
Secretary of the Security Council of Russia General Nikolai Patrushev and Deputy Director of the General Department of Intelligence Research, Ministry of Defense of Cambodia Lieutenant General Ke Da co-chaired the conference. 
General To Lam highly appreciated the organization of the consultation right after the success of the 42nd ASEAN Summit just held in Indonesia, saying that it demonstrated ASEAN’s determination to effectively implement the Joint Statements and agreements reached. between senior leaders of countries in the region, aiming at "One ASEAN stature: The focal point of growth", especially in the context that the world and the region are facing many complicated and unpredictable changes.
General To Lam stated that Vietnam highly appreciates Russia's active role in coordinating with the region in quickly and effectively responding to emerging traditional and non-traditional security challenges.
By Thu Hung