Southern police intensify COVID-19 fight

July, 29 2021
MPS - With the motto "fighting the COVID-19 pandemic like fighting an enemy", the police in Southern provinces and cities, together with other functional forces, have taken drastic measures in an effort to stamp out the pandemic as soon as possible.

* In Tra Vinh province:

On July 26, the Tra Vinh Provincial Police Department held a meeting to discuss the application of intensive anti-pandemic measures.

Senior Colonel Vu Hoai Bac speaks at the meeting.

At the meeting, leaders of the local police units reported the results of ensuring security at local concentrated quarantine zones and the operation of inter-sectoral and commune-level medical checkpoints over the past seven days of implementing social distancing measures under Directive No. 16 of the Prime Minister.

Tra Vinh traffic police increase patrols.

Speaking at the meeting, Senior Colonel Vu Hoai Bac, Director of the Tra Vinh Provincial Police Department, asked the provincial police force to further disseminate anti-pandemic measures to raise local residents’ awareness of COVID-19 prevention while strictly handle cases of spreading false information on social networks.

Tra Vinh police inspect and strictly handle violations.

At local medical checkpoints, the joint forces were asked to strictly check travelers and goods transporters in order to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

* In Bac Lieu province:

Over the past few days, the Bac Lieu provincial police have coordinated closely with other functional forces in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in the locality. 

The functional forces set up checkpoints to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic in Bac Lieu province.

They also focused on controlling people and vehicles entering and leaving the province while tightening residency management, organizing concentrated quarantine zones, and raising local people’s awareness of pandemic prevention and control.

The local police also strictly handled cases of posting false information about the pandemic situation in cyberspace while ensuring medical supplies and equipment for the forces on the front line of the fight against the pandemic.

* In Soc Trang province:

Leaders of the Soc Trang Provincial Police Department have visited, encouraged, and assigned tasks to the on-duty forces at COVID-19 pandemic checkpoints across the province.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Minh Ngoc visits and encourages the on-duty forces at COVID-19 checkpoints in Soc Trang province.

At the checkpoints, Director Senior Colonel Nguyen Minh Ngoc and deputy directors of the Soc Trang Provincial Police Department inquired after the health of on-duty officers, asked them to uphold their sense of responsibility and show decent manners towards the people.

Senior Colonel Pham Quoc Viet, Deputy Director of the Soc Trang Provincial Police Department, inspects COVID-19 checkpoints on South Song Hau road in Ke Sach district.

The checkpoint officers were also asked to seriously implement anti-pandemic measures as well as carefully check people and vehicles coming to the province to promptly detect and handle violations of regulations on pandemic prevention and control, contributing to preventing the disease from spreading in the local community.

* In Can Tho city:

In order to ensure the strict implementation of the anti-COVID-19 regulations in line with Directive No. 16 of the Prime Minister, the police of wards, communes, and townships in Can Tho city have intensified patrols to detect and handle cases of violation in their areas.

The police of Can Tho city check and fine violations of social distancing regulations.

They also deployed forces to ensure security and safety at checkpoints on the city's gateways and locked-down areas.

The local police also encouraged local people to stay at home and follow the “5K rules” (wearing medical masks, disinfecting hands, keeping social distancing, no gathering, making medical declarations).

by Minh Thao